Nai’a Breathwork & Somatic Healing 300H Training

Mexico Camp April 21 – April 30, 2023








The NAI’A Breathwork & Somatic Healing program is a comprehensive 300H program in the arts of nervous system regulation and personal transformation that equips coaches, wellness and healthcare professionals to assess, support and give tailored breathwork, hormonal yoga and trauma informed practices to support their clients on their wellness journeys.

When & Where

Breathwork Foundations Course & 50H Educator Level – Online & Pre-recorded or Live (Check program dates)
10-Day Camp Mexico Check in  – Thurs April 21th 2023 4PM, Check out April 30 12PM
3.5 day Intensive July 13-16 Auberge Yoga Salamandre, Eastern Townships, Qc OR ONLINE
Life Alchemy Coaching Training Montreal Region or Online August 12-13 2023

Join our community of change-makers

Enhance your coaching or wellness profession and become a certified NAI’A Facilitator and help humanity thrive! You will experience your own self transformation in this program and will see concrete and sustainable results for your clients, you will witness evolution in your students and you will see the impact of these embodied shifts in your community. Be part of our changemaker tribe, enroll today!

Upon certification, you will be able to use your credit hours with Yoga Alliance and the International Coaching Federation. 


  • The 300H Program begins with our Foundations of NAI’A Breathwork program. This part must be completed before April 21 2023. 
  • Followed by the 50H Educator Level Program which you can take alongside the Facilitator Level Program. Check program dates
  • Facilitator Level:
    • 10-Day Mexico Intensive 
    • Two Short Live Weekend Immersions Online or in-Person
    • Online Academy, Case Studies, Final Exam, Internship

Scope of Transmission

Our 300H program offers a deep dive into ancient and modern self regulating approaches that will help you empower your clients and students and help them see concrete results that will inspire them to take accountability for their growth and well-being.



130H of training in the Practice, Technique, Methodology of Nai’a Breathwork to educate groups and facilitate 1-1 sessions with our Body Scan, Vibrational Healing and Touch of Light Approaches



60H of training in Hormonal & Trauma Informed Yoga (30H) as well as in NAI’A Therapeutics & Thai Yoga (30H)


30H of training in the art of holding sacred space through our Life Alchemy Coaching Approach:

  • Philosophy, Method and Scope of Practice 
  • Emotional Intelligence Training
  • Neuro Hacking & Mindset Training 
  • Life Alchemy Practices
  • Creating Transformational Containers
  • Navigating Crisis


3-month NAI’A Self Practice program to use as a tool for yourself and to help your clients and students develop a solid self practice. 30H


How to integrate your training into your existing work, how to start from scratch and how to attract the client base that will make your work enjoyable and worthwhile. 10H


Online Academy and Community to complete your coursework, to share your journey, to get support and to upload your certification requirements. 40H

“This program propelled me on my personal transformation journey along with my NAI’A Yoga Teacher Training Certification. I have gained invaluable tools and ressources to help my clientele take ownership of their process and I am incredibly grateful for it all.”

– Stéphanie D. Dion, Nutritionist

“A fantastic teacher and a high quality training that creates a transformative container & builds connection and community. ”

– Anne-Julie Morand, Osteopath

“Jhennevièv is incredible. She is amazing. She is someone who is humble and someone who actually walks the walk and doesn’t just talk the talk. You can feel that viscerally and on a vibrational level. I felt so lucky and so thankful to have her as my teacher sharing her story, sharing her experience, sharing what she’s learned and all the different philosophies and practices that she’s combined to make all 6 pillars of the Nai’a Approach. 

If you are open to experiencing and exploring the potential within yourself and what’s possible for you and your clients, this program is it!

– Aine Kimsey, Breathwork Facilitator, Conscious Relating Facilitator

In-depth, stellar training where your success is a priority



  • NAI’A Somatics Foundations – MUST  BE COMPLETED PRIOR TO APRIL 21 (15H)
  • NAI’A Breathwork practice and application of the work on the physical, mental-emotional, energetic and spiritual level
  • Nervous System Mechanics
  • Breaking the taboo of Trauma
  • Embodied Life Alchemy in a coaching, teaching, and wellness setting
  • Level 1 NAI’A Somatics Approach to ground, to build sensory awareness, to get people out of stuckness, to build accountability, and to calm the nervous system
  • Learning to explain confidently what NAI’A Somatics is, what it does
  • Learning to guide short practices in a safe, supportive, inclusive container.
  • Discovering the language of the Subtle Body, why it matters, and how to balance body, energy, emotions, glands and hormones through NAI’A Yoga & Somatic Healing.

This program is part of the full 300H training path and the first 15H must be completed before the Mexico Camp.



The Level 2 training begins with 80H in a 10-day training camp in which you will cover the first part of deeper and hands-on Techniques, Training, Practice to facilitate 1-1 sessions. We will also cover part 1 of Professional Essentials while being immersed in the NAI’A Lifestyle: 

    • Daily Breathwork Sessions
    • Daily Yoga and Movement Sessions
    • Quantum Meditations
    • Techniques & Training Sessions
    • NAI’A Breathwork & Somatic Healing Methodology
    • Life Alchemy Workshops
    • Practice Facilitating to sharpen your skills
    • Biohacking Package optional
    • Organic, locally farmed meals
    • Luxury suites and cabañas across from the ocean. 

*You must stay on-site, special deal for our current students. 

To complete your coursework we will host a 3.5 day intensive Thurs night – Sunday evening in July and we will finish with our coaching weekend, both of which can be taken online or in person.



  • How to help your students and clients navigate their nervous system and trauma response
  • How to facilitate individual sessions and create tailor-made programs
  • Hands-on facilitation
  • Energy Calibration
  • Hormonal Yoga and Trauma Release yoga sequences
  • Therapeutics Approach: NAI’A Yin and Thai Yoga sequences
  • How to facilitate short exercises to down regulate or up regulate the nervous system. 
  • How to facilitate breakthroughs and navigate difficult conditions and reactions
  • How to address the needs of the physical, mental-emotional and spiritual bodies in sessions. 
  • How to support habit changes and how to give simple and sage neuro-hacking and mindset training practices. 
  • How to become the best ally for your students and clients through NAI’A Life Alchemy Coaching

Inspire. Empower. Transform.

The way to better wellness is Education, Prevention, Empowerment and Self Care. Become a Certified NAI’A Facilitator and spark Transformation in your Community. 



Upon arrival you’ll get situated in your luxury Mexican suite and you’ll be oriented for a smooth stay. Leave your shoes at the door, turn your phone off and let the experience take you in.  You will train while being immersed in the NAI’A Lifestyle so you also go through your own transformational journey and grow side by side with your peers. 

Transformation doesn’t happen when you are stuck in your day to day. It happens when you breathe deeply, allow your system to relax, when you get in touch with nature, and when you reconnect to what matters. That’s what we’ll do here, the NAI’A way and with our training suit on!

No other online or local training will give you access to this level of transmission, self healing and personal growth. 

The Rest of the Program

2 Short Immersions

Online Academy + Case Studies & Exam

  • July 13-16 Auberge Yoga Salamandre, Eastern Townships, Qc OR ONLINE – 44H Exact location TBD

  • Aug 12-13 2023 Online or In Person Coaching Training Weekend in Montreal Region Location TBD- 20H

The rest of the material is to be complete in our Academy & Private Community: 

  • Online pre-recorded and Mentoring: 30H
  • Embodied Practice 30H
  • Case Studies & Self Study – 40H


  • Prerequisite 50H Educator level – Online pre-recorded or in person, check calendar dates.
  • You must have at least completed the Breathwork Foundations Program (15H) by April 21. 

Your Teachers:  

Jhennevièv Heartt, NAI’A Founder

Jhennevièv is a transformation catalyst, creator and activator of all things that shake the world awake. Her mission is to create purpose forward businesses and inspire thriving lifestyles. As a surfer, teacher, entrepreneur and coach, she developed the NAI’A approach as a compass system that helps you journey inward, help you self regulate, grow, expand your consciousness and radiate out by living a life that is aligned with your essence.

“My mission is to help you become the best version of yourself and teach you how to sustain your evolution. That’s how we change the world.”

Jhennevièv blends the entrepreneurial with the spiritual, the mystical with the practical, the ancient with the modern, the arts with the science to open people’s perspectives and possibilities within their movement, breath, lifestyle and creations.

Yoga & Breathwork Teacher 4000H

Transformational & Strategic Coach

Somatic Trauma Healing Practitioner



Nandi Natha, NAI’A Academy Director

Vibrational Medicine Teacher

Yoga & Mobility Teacher 3000H

Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner & Teacher


Nandi is a student of Yoga and Movement/Martial Arts. As a Nai’a Professor, he teaches movement, yoga,  philosophy and vibrational healing and while continuing to study the Nai’a approach.

Nandi has extensive experience teaching various modalities and he generously shares the knowledge gained from his master teachers and the wisdom of his varied experiences with the students in training.


The Best Team curated by our Founder at your service for a Transformational Week


 Massage Therapist

Deep Tissue Lymphatic Drainage Thai Belly Massage Cranial Sacral Therapeutic 


Our Amazing Catering Team

Nourishing your cells optimally

Our Awesome Surf Crew

Our surf partners for over 10 years!

Local Guides & NAI’A Assistants

Our trusted and like-spirited community at your service

 10-Day Intensive

Suites & Dorms

Choose between a dorm setting for 4-6 people 


A Double Occupancy Suite where we can match you with another participant (in separate beds)

Or Single Occupancy (Ask for pricing and availability) 


Most Suites have a small kitchen and come with 1 kingsize bed or two queen or twin beds. First come first served for the choice of rooms.

All rooms have AC, fans, filtered water, safety box, full bathroom and towels and are surrounded by gardens.

There is wifi accessible throughout the property although we strongly suggest you unplug for the week

Full yoga studio equipment is already on site but you can bring your own yoga mat if you prefer

The quiet part of the beach is right in front of the property. Pool and Beach towels are provided.

Town center is an 8-10 mins walk away! 


Program Tuition + Mexico Package


$5225 payable in 1, 3, 6 or 8 installments


$4030 (if you have paid the 50H Immersion already) 



  • Airport transfers
  • Luxury Housing + High vibrancy meals for the week
  • Life Alchemy Program including: Daily yoga, mobility, breathwork, biohacking, ceremonies and rituals, nature adventures 
  • 2 Group Adventures/Ceremonies
  • 80H of Training & Transmission


  • Quad to 6 pax Occupancy – $1695 USD
  • Double Occupancy $1925 USD
  • Single Occupancy – Ask for pricing and availability.

Payable 60 days prior to the retreat start date.


  • Optional Activities
  • Tips
  • Flights
  • Travel Insurance


  • $500 USD deposit is required to hold your spot. 
  • Min. 8 guests, Maximum 12
  • GUEST payments for the Mexico Package must be completed 60 days prior to departure. If a booking is made 60 days or less prior to departure, full payment will be required to reserve. 
  • Non-refundable 60 days or less prior to departure/check in. 


Fly into Puerto Vallarta Airport (PVR)

  • Get direct flights with Air Transat or Air Canada from Montreal (PVR airport)! Travel with a carry-on for ease!
  • You are responsible for booking your flight. We take care of the rest!
  • Make sure you choose a refundable flight or that you have good travel insurance with cancelation insurance in case of Covid scare or other situation. 

Got Questions?!

See if we answered them below first,

otherwise please reach out and we’ll be happy to assist you!

[email protected]


Can I attend the 250H Training even if I have not yet finished the 50H Educator Level?

Yes, you can attend the traiing as long as you have completed the Foundations Course which takes 1 month with daily practices. The rest of the 50H must be completed on your own in order to graduate. Check dates for the next live training, otherwise you can complete it via pre-recorded material in the academy. 

Do I need to have a Strong Yoga Practice?

No you do not need to have a strong yoga practice although exposure to yoga will be helpful for you in the program. As part of your training, you will get our 3-month self practice program which will help you create a solid practice no matter what level you are at.

What Should I Bring to the Camp?

Bring notebooks to takes lots of notes, pens, comfy yoga clothes so it’s easy to move ad facilitate on you and your personal belongings. We recommend that you travel light, with a carry-on. You can do laundry on-site or in town. No need to bring your yoga mat unless you want your own or you want to use it outside the premises or in your bedroom. You can bring earplugs if you aren’t used to the sounds of the waves and the roosters! Otherwise, flip flops, sneakers, biodegradable sunscreen and natural products to protect our environment. You’ll get a full list once you have registered. 

Can I take the Program for my Personal Development?

Of course! It’s the same cost but you will not have to complete the homework and you will not be certified. 

I’m not ready for the Full Training yet, where do I Begin?

Let’s start with the Breathwork Foundations Course: CLICK HERE. Then you can complete the 50H immersion.

Can I bring a Friend along on Retreat?

Yes you can based on availability. For the retreat packages CLICK HERE

Do you offer Payment Plans?

Yes we do! Your Mexico Camp has to be fully paid 60-30 days prior to the camp start date. The rest of your tuition can be paid in 1, 3, 6, or 8 installments. If you are tight financially we can begin these tuition installments in April 2023 up to latest November 2023.

I am a past Graduate and I want to uplevel to the New Curriculum. How does it Work?

All certified NAI’A Facilitators who want to uplevel to the new curriculum can do so at a huge discount. Email us to apply: [email protected]. If you have not received your certification and your deadline has past, you can still uplevel. Message us for details.

Let’s empower humanity together