The Essence


NAI’A® is an empowering way of life.


The application of our philosophy helps you become a master at reconnecting with your core and solidifying the bridges between breath, movement, fluidity and mental-emotional agility to make you feel purposefully alive and to help you create waves of impact in your community.


Move in a way you’ve never moved before, breathe more deeply, reconnect to your core, interrupt your patterns and rewire your brain. Establish the lifestyle that allows YOU to thrive.

“Be courageous

Be bold

Be resilient

Tap into your wild

Unleash your uniqueness

Love more”

– Jhenneviev Heartt



We are here to guide you in your movement and life in a direct yet compassionate way to break through your limitations.

We are here to train you to become more than a movement teacher, breath therapist and life mentor. We are here to help you become better humans who love their lives and are following their purpose. We are here to make you empowering forces in your community.

Everyone of us, teachers, trainers and students alike, show up. Do the real work. Train hard. Get results.

We choose to always stand in the fire, to look within, to find our own path and to elevate each other.

We Dive-In – We Rise – We Thrive. No matter what, we dive into the unknown with courage and humility. We rise up skillfully. We thrive shamelessly.

We stand for truth, embodiment, flexibility, courage, resiliency, compassion, and the raw expression of what makes everyone uniquely them.

Practice is our discipline, Ritual is our life. Embodiment is what inspires others, Sharing is our service, Adventure is our gateway, Community is what keeps us strong and connected.


The Philosophy

Jhenneviev developed the NAI’A® approach from 15 years of extensive training around the globe and a lifetime of discoveries and experiences. The philosophy will continue to evolve as you get involved and as we grow together.

Through this unique blend of philosophies, NAI’A® has developed a compass that aids in the exploration of one’s own world and transform it from within.

The philosophy is both spiritually enriching, based on scientific facts and incredibly practical and accessible.


Through weaving different philosophies and approaches always in service of freedom and well-being, Jhenneviev developed a synthesis of modalities that create a powerful whole:

  • Fluid movement (Agility, Surfing, Dance, Vinyasa Yoga)
  • Calisthenics
  • Hatha, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation
  • Structural Alignment
  • Connected Breathwork and Trauma Integration Therapy
  • Conscious Communication
  • Energy Medicine, Herbology and Aromatherapy
  • Metaphysics and Core Shamanism

The NAI’A® approach provides a deep sense of awareness of body mechanics and of the whole self, and helps you to relate it to the world all the while maintaining your center.


The approach

As you deep dive into the NAI’A® approach, you develop a strong sensitivity to your body, thoughts, emotions and behaviours, to inform you of where to release or strengthen built up energy, move through blockages and discover what issues to work on next.

It’s an incredibly intelligent process that progressively sheds all your layers, creating more space and freedom. This allows you to move with more intelligence, let go with deeper trust, feel with greater compassion and create a sustainable lifestyle that benefits both you and others.


We use movement as the gateway to deep transformation and spiritual growth.

From Somatic Experiencing to Fluid Yoga, Calisthenics and Mixed Movement Arts, NAI’A® uses a blend of techniques to loosen, reshape, strengthen and transform your body and develop your awareness of this container and how it informs you of what is happening in your present experience.


NAI’A®’s connected breathwork and conscious breathing techniques are used as the electricity and intelligence that fuel the body and open the subconscious.

We use the breath to open the body, move the energy, clear mental stress, expand consciousness and birth new neuro-pathways, oxygenate the body, shift limiting patterns and open oneself to greater peace and alignment within.



Our brain has a tremendous grip on our life. We must learn to train it to be to the service of our heart. This NAI’A® pillar is here to deepen your meditation and inquiry practice.

Learn to rewire your brain for peace and success, to notice your own patterns, to expand your awareness, to modify your inner speech, to silence the voices in your head, to kill the stories, to become a witness of your life and to set your mind to attain things you may have thought impossible through simple concentration, relaxation, inquiry and meditation exercises.


The art of relating, of communicating with ourselves and with others is at the heart of the science of happiness. It’s what gives us freedom. How can you become a better communicator of your own truth in a peaceful, compassionate way and how can you become a master listener? How do you heal relationships of the past and present?

Heartfulness and emotional intelligence are a key aspect of our evolution and of learning to be better humans. Through simple and effective exercises, you will be guided to shift from stories, illusions, projections, being a victim or feeling like you have to save others to feeling empowered and deserving of expressing yourself fully.


Yoga teaches us that we are connected to everything. In order to reach a balance, we must not only look within but also at what surrounds us: the quality of our environment at home and at work, the quality and vibrancy of the food we fuel our body with, the quality of life we choose for ourselves, the time we allocate to play and to rest. This has a direct and vital impact on our nervous system and how we respond to life.

Using ceremony, ritual and the natural rhythms of the earth NAI’A® teaches you how to design a lifestyle that works for you.



ADVENTURE is a must to gain new perspectives. That’s why we strive to take you out of your reality in our intensive programs to disturb your need for control. 

It also brings about rich experiences and memories that create a positive imprint in your life.




Surfer, yogini, speaker and entrepreneur, Jhennevièv has spent the last 15 years on her own path of study, discovery and healing. She is a transformational coach, strategic consultant, yoga teacher trainer, breathwork therapist and intuitive healer. She leads transformative programs and events worldwide. Founder of the NAI’A® Movement and the co-founder of many other beautiful endeavours that serve the world, her favorite office space is the ocean and her mantra is ‘Love Prevails’.




A former triathlete, in 2005, she suffered from a spinal injury that nearly left her paralyzed. Seven years later, she faced early stages of cancer, which she fully recovered from, a burnout, and finally rose from it all with more vitality, agility and resilience than she’d ever had before. As an entrepreneur and investor, she’s seen the highs and lows of the startup world and stays hopeful that things are changing for the better as our inner landscape evolves.

Resilience, courage, trust, love, gratitude and owning our truths are the best ways to create a rich, full and successful life.


“My healing journey and lessons are the very things that helped me discover myself and a different way of living and healing. What I’ve created as a way of life and movement with NAI’A® is a compass approach to diving in, rising and thriving that is universal and accessible to all.” J. Heartt.





Team & Collaborators

NAI’A® works with incredibly talented and inspiring individuals.
Depending on the programs and adventures you might meet them,
and we hope you do!

Mylène Bergeron

Founder at Deep Flow Bodywork, Alignment, Mindfulness

Drawing from her mindfulness practice and dedication to ‘the art of living’, Mylène developed Deep Flow in 2006. Her methodology supports the integrity of the body, mind and breath connection and her innovative approach aims at merging the fields of yoga, meditation, massage and dance to open new possibilities for the client.

Jeremie Fiset

Founder of Aekuus

Born from his extensive studies in Chi-Gong, movement, structural integration, parkour and beyond, Jeremie developed a training system for every body to find space, freedom, agility and vitality.

Kelsey Lawford

Founder of She Will Rise, E-RYT 200, Intuitive Healer, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

It is her absolute joy to work with all the beautiful women who have been through depression, addiction, anxiety, trauma, health issues, self-harm, and toxic relationships to help them find the light in their darkness and realize they can heal and live an amazing life.

Aubree Saia

Co-Teacher and Collaborator, USA & International

500 E-RYT, CTBF, is a gifted healer, teacher, and transformational guide. She offers her guidance from a deep well of authentic experience in the yogic healing arts and beyond.


“Jhennevièv is a fantastic teacher. She is sometimes a guide, sometimes a mentor, sometimes a friend.

“Being a therapist and a teacher I tend to have a high expectancy of teachers and healers and people who transmit information. To be a good teacher, you have to be grounded and embodied. You have to be fully embracing the structural, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of your own path too, because we are all humans on this journey together and between teacher and student there should not be much polarity on one side or the other.

This is why for me, Jhennevièv is a fantastic teacher. You can see she embodies the work that she is doing and still continues to work on herself. She is sometimes a guide, sometimes a mentor, sometimes a friend. She is true, and her work makes sense to me.”

– Anne-Julie Morand, Montreal, Quebec

“I feel that this process has opened a million doors and I’m only starting.

“Learning to apply NAI’A’s transformative breath approach to my bodywork practice and in small yoga groups has drastically changed the way I teach and work. It increased my ability to connect with clients. I feel more centered in my life and I feel that doing this process has opened a million doors and I’m only starting.”

– Jessica, Level 1, Mexico