We are all children of the sun! I invite you to practice sun-gazing at sunset or sunrise to restore balance in your mind, heart and body! Many tribes of Mayan, Egyptian, Aztec, Tibetan and Indian decent considered the sun as a divine source of energy and a universal healer.

Safe hours: 1h after sunrise or 1h before sunset when UV rays are the lowest to protect your eyes from damage. Practice barefoot to connect to the pachamama too!

A few benefits of sun-gazing: – Stimulates the Pineal Gland as the the sun’s energy moves through the eyes and charges the hypothalamus tract, which is the pathway to the rear of the retina leading to the brain. – Powers the brain and boosts serotonin and melatonin production, our feel-good hormones.
– Relieves stress and tension – Increases energy levels – Increases the size of the pineal gland – Normally, as we age, the pineal gland shrinks.

All this medicine is also free! Try it out! 

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