Foundational breath immersion


NAI’A® breathwork is a simple, yet very powerful practice of self-healing,
mental rewiring and soul actualization that everyone can practice on their own
after a few sessions.

A weeklong experience that combines deep breathing, transformation and that empowers you to clear your vessel. Advance in your life and create in an effective, integrated manner.

This 5-day immersion sets the foundation for a deep transformational experience and initiates you on the path to becoming a trained NAI’A® breath facilitator (if you choose this professional path).

This immersion’s focus is on the science and art of breathwork and explores cellular healing and trauma recovery.

You will go through a carefully curated journey that encompasses all 6 pillars of life mastery of the NAI’A® approach.


In this immersion you will:

  • Explore your own breathing patterns and go into a healing journey through body, mind and spirit.
  • Awaken your inner healer.
  • Learn to establish a strong personal practice.
  • Discover how the body, the psyche and the soul speak to one another through the breath. 
  • Be exposed to different movement practices and dynamics to breakthrough from fear, anxiety, illness and trauma stored in the body.
  • Learn tools and build your own toolkit to further receive the fullness of who you are.

Tuition: CA$1195

Payment plans available.