Smudge + Energy Clearing Kit


Smudging is a daily self-love ritual to purify your aura and realign with your own energy field. You can also use it to clear the energy of a room, or on clients prior to session and at closing.

This kit contains: 

      • 1 Medium to Large Abalone Shell from Mexico;
      • 1 Medium Sage Stick from California for Energy Cleansing (white or blue sage);
      • 2 Palo Santo Sticks from Peru for Integration;
      • 1 Selenite Stick from Morocco for Energy Clearing and Protection;
      • Comes in a reusable natural muslin bag.

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  1. Use the shell to let the sage and palo santo burn and extinguish the sticks as needed after use. It's a great way to connect with the energy of water that softens the fire and to reconnect to the elements.
  2. Selenite is a stone used by "healers" because it never loses its charge. It purifies the aura and thus cleanses the energy of a room and that of other stones also by neutralizing them. It protects against negative energies and is excellent for meditation.
  3. Sage opens, frees, cleans physically, psychologically, and spiritually by purifying negative energies. Always burn the sage in a well-ventilated area by opening the windows if possible. In the Amerindian traditions, people would let the sage burn until it went out by itself; the work considered complete at that point. For safety reasons and in order not to start the fire alarm in your space, you can intentionally turn off the sage by asking that the clearing work be continued energetically.
  4. Palo santo (sacred wood) integrates, soothes, purifies and with lightness, softness and calmness. It’s excellent in meditation, it transforms negative energies leaving space for love and benevolence. It soothes the nervous system and helps reduce fatigue, insomnia and constant worrying. Sage can be used at the beginning of the session and palo santo at the end for example.

Caution: It’s important not to use white sage if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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