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Drilled Nephrite Jade egg medium sized. Use to cleanse and heal your womb and to build awareness and strength in your muscles.

1 nephrite jade egg of superior quality, pierced and of medium size.

  • Self-healing
  • Revitalization
  • Regeneration of the kidneys

Nephrite jade is a powerful healing stone that boosts the body’s natural self-healing ability. It is scientifically proven that nephritis emits infrared rays that provide beneficial effects on the human body, particularly on the skin, blood circulation and skin cell revitalization.

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Nephrite jade is especially useful for healing the kidneys, stomach, arthritis, bladder, joints and stiffness. The word "nephritis" comes from the Greek "nephros", which means kidney with reference to its benefits in the treatment of kidney diseases. In Chinese culture, nephrite jade is considered "Stone of Heaven".

 The jade egg used in Taoist practice since antiquity was nephrite.Nephrite jade is very dense and pure. Nephrite has an interlaced fibrous structure that makes it very hard, strong and dense, preventing any impurities or harmful bacteria from spreading inside.

Heavy and hard: Nephrite jade is heavier than most stones because of its compact structure. Nephrite is also very hard, even harder than steel. It's a perfect choice for a Yoni egg.

There are only 2 types of genuine jades: nephrite and jadeite. All other types of "jade" are fake jade. Do not wear fake marble stone jade eggs, carry genuine 100% natural nephrite jade eggs.

Read additional information for cleaning and authenticity of stones.


Disinfect the nephrite jade product before your first use. After use, clean, dry and wrap the product in a soft cloth, then store it in the supplied pouch.

Wash with soap and rinse thoroughly with clean water to disinfect the product. You can also put it in hot water after boiling and brushing it.

Certificate of authenticity

We certify that the purchased nephrite jade eggs are 100% genuine and natural, without any dyeing or chemical treatment, and are carved and polished to industry recognized quality standards and are warranted against defects in workmanship.


1) Each egg is intended for intimate use. No returns are accepted for obvious reasons.

2) Although each egg can improve intravaginal muscles, it is not a substitute for medical treatment. Please stop using this product and consult your doctor if you feel unwell while using this product.

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