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Acting out emotions swirls us into emotional spirals.

How effective is it when you act out your anger on someone else?

They often freeze, explode too or run away.

Expressing emotions requires us to use our transrational state of being,
our evolved mind and heart, not our primal wiring.

From a space of owning our emotions and being able to express them clearly
and without the energetic charge of a story attached to them, integration and resolution can happen much faster!

How do you get there?


  1. Express from your center and speak to the “I”…Instead of “YOU make me angry” say I feel angry when I hear these words, it makes my jaw clench”
  2. Stop expressing if you are triggered and cannot find your center. Put it off until you have cooled down and get back to it later.
  3. Take responsibility for your feelings
  4. Move the energy you built up through dancing, working out, singing
  5. Take a NAI’A immersion and learn about conscious communication and emotional intelligence!