Breath Intensive Moncton New Brunswick

Make your wellbeing a priority.

A camp to focus your mind, uplevel your life and tap into the power of your breath.

1 week to immerse yourself into:

  • NAI’A Breathwork: Self Regulating Yourself through Breathwork.
  • Life Alchemy: Six pillars of practice to build solid foundations for unleashing your greatest self and to move towards mastering your life.
  • Success based Mindset: Opening to all possibilities
  • Embodied Movement for Vitality and Longevity: Yoga, Mobility, Mixed Movement for all levels.
  • The Power of Intention in Action
  • Cellular Nutrition: Real fuel that makes you superhuman
  • Emotional Intelligence: Emotions are the basis of wellbeing and disease. Learn to effectively manage your emotions and change your energy to attract what you desire in your life.
  • Biofeedback Evaluation & Progress Tracking
  • Integration program for sustained results and a high vibe life

This immersion sets the foundation for a deep transformational experience exploring all aspects of life mastery with the NAI’A approach.

You will explore the science and art of breathwork for cellular vitality and auto-regulation, focus, clarity and how to use the NAI’A life alchemy compass to navigate your reality and life situations in a grounded, embodied way.

You will go through a carefully curated journey that encompasses all 6 pillars of the NAI’A® approach which makes this program so life-enhancing.

* Explore your own breathing patterns and go into a transformative body, mind and spirit journey;
* Tap into heart coherence;
* Learn to establish a strong personal practice;
* Discover how the body, the psyche and the soul speak to one another through the breath;
* Practice different movement approaches to make you stronger, to feel more alive, to stabilize your core while becoming more agile to promote longevity at all levels;
* Be exposed to emotional intelligence practices and pattern interruption dynamics to breakthrough from fear, anxiety, illness and trauma stored in the body and nervous system;
* Discover tools and practices for a lifetime and track your progress;
* Take part in additional activities that represent the NAI’A lifestyle!

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Jul 27 2020 - Jul 31 2020


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