35 credit hours

Mandatory for all NAI’A teacher trainees and Open to everyone.

A Life changing 8-week online course that gives you the compass to navigate your life and your growth as a human, teacher and master. This course encompasses all waves of exploration of the NAI’A® approach and helps you dive into your own inquiry process to ignite transformation from within. Pure gold!

Through this course, you will develop the necessary tools and practices to help you reconnect with your body, rewire your mind, and redefine your life in a purposeful, unlimited way.

Open, accept, grow, shift, realign, heal and develop a better relationship with yourself, your life and others.




NAI’A believes that dance is a sacred movement, the deep and pure expression of our soul. It not only frees our physical body of accumulated tension but gives space to integrate our emotions and blockages through the rhythms and musical currents that give rise to a trance state when the nervous system becomes receptive to transformation.

For us, dance and movement are rituals that lead to conscious integration, rituals that heal on all levels. Sacred movement frees the flow of our internal waters, to activate our creative strength, regain our primitive essence, awaken our senses, and open our imagination to explore, observe our blocks, get intimate with our shadows and raise our consciousness to a higher, more intuitive level. Dancing liberates the Shakti energy within us and brings us joy, passion and connection to ourselves and those around us.

When practiced consciously, dancing unleashes these powers. The greater our awareness that breath, sacred movement and music are powerful healers, the more it becomes so.

Learn to lead trance dance sessions for your groups!

Course themes:

  • Rhythms and waves of movements;
  • Chakra activation;
  • Shamanic breathing;
  • Creating music.


35H Online course plus a 3-day gathering


Sensuality, creative force, flow, surrender, fierce, open, bold, unleashed, magic, alchemy, intuition, creation, rhythm, truth, transformation. These sum up the potency of this course. Reconnect with the shakti force inside of you, synch up with the rhythms of the earth and discover the alchemies of sensuality and the wisdom that lay in your womb.

A truly groundbreaking program that is guaranteed to transform, empower and fill you with a new sense of awareness, a vibrant voice and the tools to break taboos and help your fellow sisters and brothers connect to and relate with this wisdom as well.  


70H Online course plus a 3-day gathering


This course is designed for you to discover the magic of wild sacred arts and offer soulful presence in your life and sessions. Tap into the alchemy of the elements, relationships, energy and learn how to create everyday rituals, manifest your vision and use tools, such as crystals, grids, channelling, sound healing, and beyond to remember your gifts and awaken your creativity and purpose. This course applies the NAI’A® philosophy and uses core shamanism, Tantra, yoga, energy healing and herbalism as bases of exploration and development.




Lead from your true self. How do we become more empowering and better serving leaders? Know yourself, serve yourself, then open yourself. Define your why, move beyond boundaries into infinite possibilities, shape your brand, movement, project and communicate it to the world in a way that is authentic to you. Attract the people that have both the willingness, heart, and commitment to learn from you or support you and your vision.