Level 2 – Group Facilitator


NAI’A® breathwork is a simple, yet very powerful practice of self-healing,
mental rewiring and soul actualization that everyone can practice on their own
after a few sessions.

This path of study offers simple yet tremendously powerful tools, skills development and approaches for yoga and bodywork practitioners, therapists of various backgrounds, coaches, doctors, teachers and people who have a deep desire to hold space for others.

Becoming a NAI’A® Breath facilitator gives you world-class training and helps you spread healing, awareness and empowerment within your community to create global change.

This continuing education program is a 220H-course that includes the immersion hours, online course and online academy for resources and case studies. In this level, we dive into the application of the NAI’A philosophy for groups, into the breath technique and methodology and trauma healing through breathwork.

  • Discover the bases of trauma and chronic diseases and how to approach them from a breathwork, somatic experience and NAI’A® standpoint.
  • Learn how to use body analysis and touch of light to help your students and clients.
  • Dive deeper into the body-heart-psyche connection.
  • Learn about different conditions and paths of healing for various conditions.
  • Develop your ability to facilitate small groups and bring the teachings to your current practice.
  • Discover how to create a safe container conducive to healing and transformation.
  • Have access to resources on our online portal.


  • 5 day intensive in person intensive, sometimes 7 days when in retreat format.
  • Online academy, case studies, reading assignments and exam.
  • In order to receive certification, all course materials, case studies, reading assignments and exam must be received and approved.
  • Once you have assisted Jhennevièv or another approved facilitator 5 times in workshops or 1 time in a level 1 and pass the review process you will be able to hold sessions for bigger groups.


  • Level 1 – “Breathe Intuit” Intensive or certificate from another accredited breath school
  • A Yoga Teacher Training certificate does not replace Level 1.

Level 2

Payment plans available.