“Breathing is the first place, not the last, one should look when fatigue, disease, or other evidence of disordered energy presents itself. Breathing is truly the body’s most basic communication system.”

– Sheldon Saul Handler, PhD

Integrative Breathwork

NAI’A® Integrative breathwork is a simple yet very powerful practice of self-healing, mental rewiring and soul actualization that everyone can practice on their own after a few sessions.

Train in our groundbreaking multi-level breathwork, integrative healing and counselling program, hold space in a different way and complement your practice as a yoga teacher, wellness professionals or therapist. Help people take charge of their life, optimize their vitality, accelerate the healing of chronic diseases and the integration of PTSD, stress, depression and beyond.

Breath Programs

Our retreats and training programs are recognized worldwide as some of the best integrative programs in breathwork, trauma healing and life counseling.

  • LEVEL 1


  • This immersion course sets the foundation for a deep transformational experience and initiates you on the path of becoming a trained NAI’A breath facilitator.

  • LEVEL 2


  • This second part dives deeper into the NAI’A® philosophy, the therapeutic approach, techniques and methodology. This is where the professional training and transmissions happen.

  • LEVEL 3


  • This advanced training program is for professionals who wish to become NAI’A® Integrative Healing Practitioners and Transformative Coaches. They can assist their students and clients personally, customizing their approach to each case and situation.

Upcoming Programs

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Becoming a Nai’a Breath Facilitator.

Becoming a NAI’A® Breath facilitator helps you spread healing methods, awareness and empowerment in your community to create global change.

The programs will allow you to deepen your classes, practice and therapeutic interventions.    

You must complete level 2 in order to be certified as psycho-spiritual counselor and transformational coach to open a private practice with a NAI’A® worldwide licence.

These world class programs are especially designed for:

  • Yoga Teachers
  • Bodywork Practitioners
  • Massage Therapists
  • Psycho-Therapists and Counselors, Doctors, Nurses
  • HR & Corporate Crisis and Intervention Leaders
  • Health and Wellness Professionals and Educators
  • Anyone who holds or wishes to hold space for others in a transformative way


“I definitely could feel my cells thriving from the oxygen I was providing. It was transformational

“I did my yoga training this past Summer with Jhennevièv, and it was through this training I started to hear about breathwork. When the immersive retreat in El Salvador opened up and started taking applicants I just said ‘yes, I’m going.’

There was no question, because with Jhenneviève, for me, there is no question. As a teacher she is authentic and trustworthy; two very important things when your students are sharing extremely personal things. The immersive retreat ran really smoothly, as a perfect wave. Even when big emotions rolled in, the day was designed to ride on with ease. To someone else considering this retreat, I would say, do not hesitate.

No matter what, it will do something good. Even if what comes out is not what you expected, it will be just perfect. Do it.”

– Katia Brascoup, Trois-Rivieres, Quebec

“I definitely could feel my cells thriving from the oxygen I was providing. It was transformational

“I just felt a lot of life-force from the process, I felt really energized after the process and it was incredible. I want to continue doing it.”

– Michael Martin, Australia

“I could just be, relax, and love myself.

“After the NAI’A Breath Experience everything was just smooth and relaxed….I got all these things out of my head and I could just be, relax, and love myself…”

–  Frederic Rode, Germany