A female community of leaders, influencers and aspiring entrepreneurial women who want to empower, elevate and inspire each other by taking responsibility for their own evolution.


We want you to rise to the leader, empowered woman, inspired mother, liberated adventurer that you know you are deep inside. And we want to hold space for you along the way.

Why Amazonas?

“I hit a point where I lost myself in projects and where I did not know who I was anymore. I felt overwhelmed with other people’s perspectives. I lost track of my WHY, I lost my voice and direction. I felt isolated and carrying a load on my shoulders. Until I realized that I had a choice. Even if that meant losing everything, I made the choice to go inward, dance with my shadow, embrace the change and commit to myself.”


– J. Heartt

I think many of us feel this way and we don’t know where to start nor do we take enough action around owning our work. This is why I created AMAZONAS. For women to get out of themselves, step away from their destructive patterns and start empowering one another.

I felt alone, unheard, unseen, carrying a load on my shoulders. Until I made the choice to go inward into myself and find my journey to restoring, shifting and realigning.  


We are results driven and lifestyle oriented. Our mission is to help you become the truest version of yourself and lead from your center.

Amazonas are women who are

Bold • Fierce • Confident • Clear • Grounded • Intuitive • Sexy • Innovative • Heart-centered, Embodied • Empowered • Abundant • Happy • Loving • Inspiring • And Who Feel So Very Alive!

Amazonas experiences are for you

  • If you are committed to your personal development.
  • If you seek adventure and the unconventional.
  • If you want to tap into your wild and embrace who you are meant to be.
  • If you are looking for more aliveness and alignment with your purpose.
  • If you have had enough with belittling yourself.
  • If you are done with feeling stuck.
  • If you are dedicated to removing the blocks to your freedom and happiness.
  • If you are ready to work, have fun, go deep, be challenged to become a better version of yourself.
  • If you want to unleash that wild open heart and be elevated by others to achieve your goals.

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Amazonas Camps

7 day immersive experience with a group of phenomenal women ready to take geometric leaps in evolution. Embark on a NAI’A journey crafted just for the Amazonas Community. Every day will take you deeper on your heroine’s journey. Explore Yoga, Rituals, Womb Wisdom & the Wild Feminine, Holding Sacred Space, Luminary Leadership Workshops, Amazonas Coaching and beyond. Tap into your gifts and discover tools that will change your life and serve you to create impact. If you are a NAI’A student, this camp counts as an elective program. 

Private Counsel

Individual sessions and intensive options for those looking for a deep and intimate dive into themselves.

Amazonas Online Coaching – JANUARY 2019

Through a carefully crafted 9 month program that opens up once a year, discover world class experts from all realms who share their wisdom and best tips with you to take you through your heroine’s journey. Wild Feminine, Womb Wisdom, Vibrant Health, Luminary Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Mental Rewiring, Rituals and beyond. Connect with amazing women and support each other on your journey. Join our online coaching community to do your work and grow from anywhere in the world. Save your spot now!


She’s so confident in her knowing and her being, but then she also has humility that is so relatable.

“Jhenneviev is incredible. She is amazing. She is someone who I could sense as soon as I met her, as someone who is humble and someone who actually walks the walk and doesn’t just talk the talk. You can feel that viscerally and on a vibrational level. Her teaching draws from all her own experience and I felt so lucky and so thankful to have someone like her sharing her story, sharing her experience, sharing what she’s learned and all the different philosophies and practices that she’s combined to make all 6 pillars of Nai’a.

She’s so confident in her knowing and her being, but then she also has humility that is so relatable. She has so much to share and  so much to offer, it comes from a really genuine place in her heart and enables people to really go deep and meet her in that space, because she creates such a beautiful environment for all this alchemy to happen.”

– Aine Grace Kimsey, California

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